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Aaron Michael Nielsen, a young Lutheran from St Louis, Missouri, USA, tells us how he came up with a network that is growing every day. A site where you can find a family of Lutherans around the world to spend their vacations and enjoy to have unique moments of communion, friendship and experience stories that will be carried for life. Come read this story:

‘’Growing up with a church worker as a parent, it wasn’t uncommon for Lutherans to come visit. Seminary Professors, Pastors, Deaconesses, and Seminary Students would stop over for dinner or a weekend on a regular basis. Such was the life of living near one of the seminaries.

Once when I was growing up there was a group of Seminary students from Spain who we were taking on a weekend adventure to the big city of Chicago. It was a weekend full of jokes, Pizza and shopping. And while this served as a fun get away, it also taught me at a young age that hospitality was a worldwide phenomenon.

Later in my childhood we’d host more Lutherans from Finland, Sweden, South Africa, Germany, Argentina, Australia. Missionaries to India, Ethiopia, the Philippines and Japan. But it wasn’t until I was an adult that I would realize the profound impact those experiences had on me.

About 2 years ago, in 2015 my wife and I took our 2 children and 1 on the way on a vacation. We didn’t have much money and opted to stay in people’s homes. Our first night we stumbled upon the home of a Lutheran and what followed was one of the most fascinating conversations I’d ever had.

We discovered our common backgrounds. We shared stories of growing up in the church. The songs, the prayers, and the meals. We even learned that we knew people in common. And from then on, the idea was implanted.

We weren’t with Lutherans for the rest of the trip but we couldn’t stop thinking about that first night. What was it? Why did that first night stand out above the rest? The food wasn’t better, the bed wasn’t softer, she wasn’t even any friendlier.

About a week later it hit us. In a conversation with my mother in law she says, “Aaron, someone should start LutheranBnB” and the idea was born.

By the end of the first day we had 300 members in the website and I knew this was going to take off. Now after a couple years of operating hosts have been able to meet Lutherans from Kenya, Togo, Argentina, Latvia. Guests have been able to travel to the Dominican Republic, Germany, India and all over the United States and it’s growing every day.

On LutheranBnB you’ll find lodging for every budget. Very comfortable free and inexpensive lodging in guest rooms and couches all the way up to Luxury Condos and Beach Houses in the Caribbean.

What started as a love of sharing our home with fellow Lutherans has turned into a whole network of Lutherans showing hospitality to one another. Are you Lutheran? Want to enjoy a cup of Mate with Lutherans from around the world? There is no easier way to do it than to list your house on’’

Are you curious to know more? Access right now, and learn more about this growing tool around the world:

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Do you also have an unusual history of some experience with Lutherans around the world that you would like to tell? Send us an e-mail at that we will be very happy to share it!


Aaron, his wife Kezia, sons Clarence (5), Anders (3), Louis (1.5), and Boaz (to be born in August)

Ms. Lori Payton, and a couple from Chile who stayed at her house

Mrs. Paulette Huber who hosted Aaron' s family in North Dakota

Aaron's family receiving young people from Sweden in 2006

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